Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I know I haven't blogged in a while.
Every time I come on here to blog, I know I say this, but Don't get mad at me for being a bad blogger.
Well, I'm home sick,
so I guess there's no better time to blog.
Now that I cleared time to write, I simply can't think about anything to talk about.
Oh, well I got a Formspring.
It's a pretty amusing website.
I'm also cutting down on Polyvore.
I'm quite the addict.
Anything else you guys want to know about me?
Since I finally know that there's living,
breathing people out there reading the nonsense that I write.

I did get a camera.
At first I loathed it with all my heart.
I locked it in a closet for two weeks,
and forced myself to forget about it.
On Monday I retrieved it.
Turns out it's not so bad after all.

I'm mind-numbingly excited to see Wicked.
I've been adoring that Broadway show for
And I finally get to see it.
You'll probably hear more about it each and every time I decide to waste a few minutes to come on here and blog :)

If you haven't noticed yet,
blog in a poetic sort.
It just happens naturally as I write.
I instinctively skip a line after a thought
Just in case you were wondering.

Bye for now.

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